.   Why can’t I share the course with others?

A.   Each course has an individual private log-in and portfolio. Whenever you “submit” your activities or assessments, it goes into your personal profile. Therefore, you can’t share it with someone else.

Q.  Do you offer volume discounts?

A.  Yes. Just call and ask. Also, if you are a member of the National School Public Relations Association, you automatically get a 5% discount by ordering off the nspra.org website.

Q. What happens after I order from PayPal or from NSPRA?

A.  Within a day or two, you will receive a personal email with a link and log-in instructions. The first time you go to the course page, instructions will pop up to guide you through.  After the first time through, the pop-ups disappear.

Q.  My school district requires a purchase order and/or I can’t use a credit card. How do I order?

A. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of communicatingeducation.net or send an email and request an invoice to david@vossandassociates.net and request an invoice.

Q.  Can I receive continuing education credit hours for this course?

A. Yes, most states and/or districts will provide continuing education credits. If your state or district needs approval or a form filled out, simply write to david@vossandassociates.net  The Georgia Board of Education has approved these courses to fulfill the required school board credit hours.

Q.  What do I need to provide if my district is ordering multiple subscriptions?

A. All you need is a spreadsheet with first name, last name and email address of each participant. They will each receive a customized email with log-in information.

Q.  Who gets to read my Connect messages in the conversation column?

A. If you are part of a group, only those in that group get to see your messages, whether it’s a school, a district or a special group in training. If you are an individual, anyone taking the course can see them.

Q.  How do I accumulate points?

A. There are many ways to acquire points. Doing the activities provides the most points, but you also get bonus points for exploring the Deeper Dive section or contributing to the Connect conversations. You are not required to reach a certain threshold of points, but it’s fun to compete with colleagues to see who gets the most points.

Q.  Who can see my portfolio and assessment results?

A. Only the author of the course and the administrator assigned by your school, district or organization can see the course. The purchaser makes this decision.