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Each course takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete but the exact time depends on your experience level. The courses are self-paced so you can take it whenever you want, in short or long increments, on any device. As soon as payment is received, each participant will receive an email with personal log-in information.  

Crisis Readiness

Crisis Readiness product (Voss iPad)

While extreme cases capture the national media’s attention, crisis situations happen every day in our schools.  Whether it’s a fender-bender bus accident, a misinterpreted comment on social media, a childish prank or a major incident with death and destruction, schools must be prepared to communicate with the media, parents and communities. Most districts have an Emergency Operations  Plan, but very few have a clearly understood Crisis Communications Plan. Renown national experts Rick Kaufman, who personally led the Crisis Response Team during the Columbine High School tragedy, and David R. Voss, who has taught hundreds of educators on the art of communication, provide a series of short learning videos to guide you through the course.  You will produce a local plan while learning to navigate today’s communication landscape during this engaging, self-paced course. 

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Your media may be TV, radio, newspaper, facebook or twitter; it may be your own newsletter, parent notification system, public speaking or word-of-mouth. This course is designed specifically for leading educators everywhere, building your confidence and your careers. Communicating through the media is a critical component of educational leadership; yet, many administrators are ill-prepared to face this challenge. MediaTalk gets you familiar with media tactics, helps you delay and prepare for an interview, and teaches you how to create powerful messages. It enables you to control the interview, look good on TV, gain positive press and respond when they get it wrong. 

Learn how to:

– Use media as a vehicle for leadership
– Become a louder voice for education
– Leverage media resources for good news
– Know how to respond to criticism
– Boost your confidence and performance

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Power Behind the Podium

Which audience is yours?

Aud1Aud2No more death by Power Point! This course tunes you into the audience, builds your confidence and teaches you a more efficient way to write and prepare a speech or presentation. Regardless of your current skill level, this course will make you better by using specific examples from the unique world of education, finance and policies. You’ll pick up skills in writing, delivery, and using visual aides; but most importantly, you will elevate your confidence and see continuous improvement in both performance and impact. If you are a speechwriter and coach for someone else, this course will equip you with powerful tools of the trade.

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Social Media for Schools

SMFE_2SMFE_1Navigating Social Media is a project-based experience focusing on opportunities and risks when schools  embrace social media for communication, teaching and learning. Explore why embracing social media is an essential step for school leaders to model and teach digital citizenship and engage students, families and your community. This course helps you develop a compelling case for social media in schools, outlines steps to build consensus and makes reluctant colleagues a meaningful part of the process.


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